Who am I?

I'm a Microsoft certified senior developer who's lead successful projects for companies including one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. I've also worked on projects that processed financial data for automotive manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and more.

My technical writings have been featured on Microsoft’s .NET engineering team’s blog, dotNET Weekly, C# Digest, and many others!

My goal is to help ambitious and passionate software developers - like you - become tech leaders!

  • Struggling to get to the next level of your development career?
  • Have questions but don't have any experienced mentors around?
  • Wondering how to get known in the industry as a competent and skilled developer?

Blog Posts

Keeping Your ADO Sql Connections Safe

What happens when you don’t close your .NET SqlConnections? Bad stuff. Bad stuff that will inevitably bring your IIS website crumbling down to ashes. Well… something like that. We all know that we should take extra care to always close our DB connections. Right?

But what happens when developers try to get fancy with their DB connections and focus more on being able to re-use open DB connections rather than being safe? Well, the consequences were bestowed upon me a few weeks ago.

Let me explain (briefly) what happened, what could happen to you, and a way to fix it - while maintaining the flexibility of re-using open DB connections and being able to safely use DB transactions from your C# code (using ADO).

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C# Pattern Matching: Are The Official Docs Lying?

During my day job, I had a case where I needed to use some pattern matching to do some type checking. If you don’t know, pattern matching in C# allows you to test the type of an object and perform some additional “magic” at the same time. While having the chance to play around with this feature some questions arose from my usage.

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Refactoring Legacy Monoliths – Part 4: Refactoring Tools

As a software developer it’s important to know what tools are available to you. Tedious and repetitive tasks or large “one-off” time-consuming tasks can often be automated by third-party tooling. And yes - sometimes it’s even worth purchasing some of these tools with your own money. Specifically, when refactoring, we should have some knowledge of what refactoring tools are available to us.

Continuing my “Refactoring Legacy Monoliths” series - I want to go over a few tools that I’ve found super helpful and worth investing in.

To make this blog post more useful than a list of products, I’ll go through some high-level steps that represent a way to tackle a refactoring project.

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How I Made LINQ 6X Faster Using A Functional Optimization!

I really did make LINQ 6X faster! Even though the title is “click-bait-ish”… This was a little experiment to see if I could speed up LINQ queries by using the functional pipe technique. By “piping” LINQ queries, we can avoid the inherent issue with LINQ whereby each query will issue a whole iteration over the collection. This optimization allows us to issue the equivalent of one iteration and pass each element through the entire method chain.

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Refactoring Legacy Monoliths - Part 3: Game Plan And Refactoring Tips

So your engineering team is convinced that you need to make some drastic changes. The direction of future development needs to improve. Things can’t stay as they are. Management is also convinced that the product needs to move in a new direction. What’s next?

Before doing any actual changes or refactoring to your product, planning a refactor is your next step. In other words, you need a game plan. I’ll also discuss some refactoring tips for you to get started!

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Strategy Pattern Implementations In C#: Basic To Advanced

Let’s look at some different ways you could implement the strategy pattern in C#. First, I’d like to briefly mention why we care about design patterns and where the strategy pattern fits in.

Note: This is day #9 of the First C# Advent Calendar @ https://crosscuttingconcerns.com

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